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Ulyces is a digital publisher of narrative journalism. Everyday we publish nonfiction stories selected for their literary value and journalistic rigor. Our diverse collections are expanding with dozens of new stories by the month. Subscription is available for access to the stories or they each may be purchased individually. To offer the best of narrative journalism, we work with French and international media outlets. 

The collections

Our collections consist of stories, reports, investigations and interviews. To turn our stories into unique objects, we select and publish them in a thoughtful manner.

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The stories

Ulyces was designed to optimise reading comfort for longform stories on the Internet.

In each story, the layout and illustrations are arranged to highlight the text.

The clock estimates the reading time and you can use the bedside table to save a story and read it later.

To make browsing a story easier, the chaptering continually appears.

The authors

Our authors are journalists, artists, researchers or explorers.
They all share a desire to tell stories.
Meet some of them.


The journal is our prospective tool. Here are published short interviews and links to reflective pieces on media and publishing.

Our applications will be available for subscribers soon.

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